Gole Maryam®

Type: Multi tasks sanitary glove
Made of: Natural rubber latex
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Colors: 10 pieces with same color
Packaging: 15 dozen per box
Ideal for: Appropriate for all sanitary, household tasks, hotels & housekeeping services, restaurants & beauty salons 


  • Soft textured finish with beaded cuff
  • Maintains the agility and hand’s movements
  • Powder free & full tactile sensitivity
  • Increased thickness for higher resistance
  • Hypo allergic by using Low protein technology(LPT)
  • Interchangeable between each hand
  • Anatomic hand shape designed
  • Chlorinated for disinfection
  • ISRI national standard, CE certificate, ISO 13485 & 9001
  • FDA (Part one)

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